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Paul Baron

Beau & Belle Litles
Co Founder, CMO
Fort Collins, Colorado Area
Paul Baron is a 2nd generation Colorado native and a lifelong entrepreneur. At the age of 5 Paul would take drawings to the supermarket when his mom went shopping and sell them to grandma's; he would hand them the drawing and ask if they wanted it, then when they said “yes,” he would reply, “That will be 5 cents.”

Throughout jr high and high school he would shovel snow throughout his neighborhood, he ran a bicycle paper route (back when papers were a thing), and started a lawn care business when he was 16. Not having a truck wasn’t an issue to Paul, he’d just break apart the lawn care equipment and shove it all in the back of his geo metro, then drive to customer’s houses to take care of their lawns.

After graduating high school Paul spent a summer interning at Teen Challenge in Portugal and a year in Sydney, Australia studying Pastoral Leadership at Hillsong International Leadership College. These experiences cemented in him the desire to be an entrepreneur that gives back to his community and works to make the world a better place.

In 2008 Paul started the first iteration of Catalyst Media Group, in which he did wedding videography. In 2009 after deciding doing wedding videography was absolutely terrible, he co-founded Barking Pineapple, with one of his best friends, Jesse Goll. In 2010 he opted to take a job at a small startup.

While the money was great, Paul found that working in a corporate environment was slowly killing his soul. The spark which propelled him to truly embrace his calling as an entrepreneur was when he was let go from his job as Director of Channel Sales at this firm in December 2012.

After starting a few other businesses and working for various companies either full time or as a consultant Paul started the 2nd iteration of Catalyst Media Group (this time offering digital marketing consultation) July 2014, then in July 2015 he launched Beau and Belle Littles with his wife Rachelle.

Between July and December 2015 Beau & Belle Littles grossed just under $50,000 in revenue online. In their second year they grossed just over $250,000, were featured on Fox31 Good Day Colorado, the Rachael Ray Show, Interviewed on The Denver Channel, and in Forbes Magazine. Additionally their business and products have won a national award and been featured in several “best of” lists, in local newspapers, national magazines, and dozens of blogs. So far in the first quarter of 2017 they are projecting $120,000 in sales and for all of 2017 they are projecting their gross revenues to be between $380,000 and $500,000.

Paul is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed and add value to the world. His unique experience in starting nearly a dozen businesses throughout his life- most of which have failed- gives him unique perspective into the entrepreneur mindset. A phrase he has coined is that ‘successful people only look successful because they’re sitting on a mountain of failures.’