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Sarah Lindsay Photography
I'm Sarah! I am a professional lifestyle photographer based in Denver, Colorado who specializes in lifestyle Senior and Branding photo experiences. Photography is my passion, I can't imagine living without it. With me, you don't just get beautiful photos, you get an experience that you'll never forget. I spend time with you, from start to finish, getting to know you and making sure you feel and look your best.

- I stand for YOU. My primary goal is to make you feel drop-dead-gorgeous. If you're not laughing, having a good time, or feeling like a goddess, I'm not doing my job right!
- I stand for the strong woman who wants to ditch the norm and dazzle.
- I stand for keeping it real. Life isn't always sparkles and unicorns, I know this first hand and can 100% relate. I'm here for you.
- I stand for making you feel absolutely, supercalifragilistic-ly beautiful. I'm here to empower you with confidence because, yes, you are beautiful, powerful, and unique.
​- I stand for editing photos only to enhance them (and remove blemishes) because I want to preserve their integrity. I want you to look like you, not like a plastic Barbie doll. I truly believe you are beautiful just the way you are.

I work with you one on one to develop your visual message and make sure you have a brand that's on track with your ideal client's desires, then we create a lifestyle photoshoot to capture images that are consistent with your brand message. With me, you don't just get beautiful branding photos, you get a direction, knowledge, and an experience. I spend time with you, from start to finish, getting to know YOU and your business to make sure your brand POPS!