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Ed van Dyne

Wave Solar Technologies
Chief Technology Officer
CSU Powerhouse
Ed VanDyne is a successful inventor, entrepreneur, and engineering manager, with more than 29 years of experience in innovation, industry sales and fundraising. Mr. VanDyne has been recognized as an energy innovator in the “Places that Matter” Fort Collins exhibit within the Smithsonian Institution, American History Museum in Washington DC. Mr. VanDyne was the Founder and President of Adrenaline Research, Inc., a venture-backed spin-out from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. That Company was sold to Woodward in 2004, at which point Mr. VanDyne became the Director of Engine Systems Research. While at Woodward, he invented and developed the first SuperTurbocharger which led to the establishment of VanDyne SuperTurbo, Inc. In 2016 Wave Solar moved out of Ed's garage and into the Powerhouse Energy Campus at CSU. Wave Solar is developing a breakthrough solar co-generation system for your home that provides electricity, hot water, heating and air conditioning day or night, for energy savings and security.