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Satori Bahus-Meyer

Her name means “seeking enlightenment.” This artistic, curious, compassionate teen girl is constantly seeking to learn, grow, and become a better human being. She also strives to help other people find their way to a happier, healthier, better life.

Satori started writing stories when she was in elementary school, to capture her unique view of the world and how she thought it could or should be. In addition to writing, Satori paints, draws, acts, dances, choreographs, and directs films as forms of creative expression. The arts are her fulfilling passion, and words her powerful tools.

Experiencing grief over the suicides of several young people and feeling powerless to help friends who are suffering from bullying, self-harm, abuse, and other challenges, Satori decided to do what she could do - use her writing and film-making skills to shine a spotlight on mental illness, get people to talk about it, and to seek help. This is what inspired her to write, direct and film “Painting Fate” - to use her words and voice to speak up for those who are struggling and need someone to stand up for them, and to share a message of love and hope with those who feel unaccepted, unloved and hopeless.

Her first film, a three-minute video entry into a Mountain View Rotary contest for “Heroes Among Us,” was written, directed and edited by Satori about her hero, Brandon Harrington. It won first place and a monetary award. She is currently booking public showings of “Painting Fate,” her second film, to stimulate conversations about mental health issues. She was asked by the founder of the Au Contraire Film Festival in Montreal (www.acff.ca), which deals with films that touch on mental health and addiction issues, to submit this film for the “Teen Awareness” program. In 2017, she will film and produce a third movie, written by teen friends, about a transgender boy who is bullied and commits suicide and how this impacts his friends.

Seventeen year-old Satori lives in Loveland, Colorado and is a senior at Thompson Valley High School. She plans to attend Aims Community College Greeley in the fall of 2017 to study videography, theater and psychology. Filmmaker, art therapist, and mental health counselor are majors under consideration. No matter what she pursues, it will include making a difference by helping people and her community. This is part of Satori’s life purpose - seeking enlightenment and spreading compassion.

About My Screenwriting - excerpt from Satori’s website, xiogirl.net
“Making movies is a way of understanding myself and the world.” -Ang Lee

In eighth grade, I took a screenwriting class and was utterly captivated! I love to look at the world through different shots and angles, analyze the lighting effects of a room, walk through life with my eyes acting as cameras of their own, drinking in my surroundings as if I really were recording the moment with something other than my hippocampus.

Since then, I’ve worked with several screenwriters to learn the trade, and have created some of my own work. Acting for the camera gives such a unique, personal twist to the acting experience I had previously, as there is a delicate balance to portraying emotion without overplaying the role, and you can be submerged in the actual setting of the story. Directing is almost better, because you can see the story coming to life before your eyes, under your careful hands. You can kindle the fire within your actors, letting them bring themselves into the role but guiding them just enough to create a brilliant tapestry of film. To me, the entire process is utterly magical.
- Satori Xiomara Sumie Bahus-Meyer